Monday, October 27, 2008

4 more weeks!

So.......the countdown begins. 4 weeks until my due date and I am SOOOOO ready. I know he will come in his own time but as every day goes by I get more uncomfortable by the minute! I wake up every night atleast every hour. It is insane. I know it is getting me ready for the sleepless nights to come. BUT atleast when I have to wake up for the baby, I will be able to sleep on my stomach for awhile! Right now there is no way possible to get comfortable. And of course there are the back aches that never stop and all the other pains. Okay, that is my little bit of complaining.
We are just so ready to meet our little man! I can tell the last couple of days Jeremy is getting anxious as well. He keeps saying, "When is Jr. going to get here!??". :-) I love how excited he is. We have everything ready and set to go for the baby. His room is perfect. I just can't wait! I have my next doctor appointment tomorrow so we will see how everything is going then!
I will update soon!

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