Monday, December 8, 2008


Jeremy Dale Pedersen Jr.
Born: Friday, December 5th at 6:14am
Weighing in at 9lbs 15oz and 21 1/2" long
Well......he is FINALLY here. After the long days of waiting, Jeremy Jr has decided to join us in the world. Momma and baby are doing great. The labor actually was amazingly great and did not last very long at all. So Friday morning I woke up at 4:20am to my water first I was not certain but then it was followed by the most painful contraction yet so I was sure it was time. I immediately got up and started pacing around my house. I have had a few false alarms so I wanted to make sure this was the real thing. But basically the contractions never went away and were VERY painful. SO I called the birthing center and they said it sounded like I was in labor but since this was my first baby to take a shower and get my things together. I would have plenty of time. Let me just tell you......whoever thinks a shower relaxes you has no idea what is going on! lol. I got into the shower and it just made it worse and then just made it take me longer to get ready because I was now covered in water! But after probably about 20 minutes.....which seemed like 2 hours, we were on the road. Let me just say I have the best husband ever......he did everything perfect. Even with me screaming at him the whole way to the hospital. :-) But come on, what else was I supossed to do right. So we got to the birthing center at about 5:45 am and I was dialated to an 8!!!! No wonder it hurt so freakin bad. Which is funny because I was in there the day before and I was only dialated to a 2. But anyways they barely got me into a room and an IV in my hand and I was pushing. I pushed about 4 times and he was completely out! Beautiful as ever!!!!!! I will be honest, as soon as I went through those hospital doors I was asking for medicine. But it was way too late for that. So I had no choice but to suck it up and deal with it! But it was quick......we got there at 5:45 and he was born at 6:14am. We don't waste any time.

Coming home from the hospital.
Jr with his big brother

So this is actually from him coming home from the hospital for the 2nd time. Since he was born so quick, he had a lot of facial bruising. Which caused him to have a higher chance of Jaundis. So hey tested him before we left but his level was fairly low. I took him back for a check up Sunday morning and his level had raised quite a bit. So the poor little guy had to be admitted back in for treatment. Although they said he would be there atleast 24 hours, he is now home after only 12. They did the light treatment on him for 12 hours and now he is doing great! His bruising has gone down a great deal as well. He is perfect as ever and we are so happy to have our little man here.


Patti Miller said...

WHAT? 9lbs 15oz??? and natural???OUCH! You are superwoman! I am so proud of you.....that little handsome guy is adorable. He was born on my bday I love him already...

jensenlife said...

i am glad you guys are doing good! i want to come by whenever you feel like visitors. can i bring dinner in the next few weeks? hope to see you soon! congrats again and I love you!!!!