Wednesday, March 25, 2009

On the move.....

Jr is so vocal now a days. He loves to hear himself talk. Hmmmm maybe he takes after his mother :-) But the other night we were playing with him and all of sudden we could have sworn he said "hi". Now some people say "oh no! It's too early. It is just him cooing". Well you are wrong :-) He then said it again and again as we said it to him. Then he went to the dentist office with Jeremy's mom yesterday and the receptionist told her "He just said Hi to me 3 different times!". So there you have it! My kid is a genius and I am sure will be crawling all over my house very soon. Now if I could just get him to say "momma". We will work on that one.

Oh yes....Jr is on the go. We all know that he is definately ahead in a lot of things. It could be his size.....or he could just be a genius. Who knows! :-) No but really....he has been trying to crawl for quite some time now. And he has finally got the whole concept down. Almost. He concentrates so hard. He puts his head down, butt up, and pushes himself along. He is trying really hard to get the whole idea of them arms moving down. He will get it soon I have no doubt. He loves his little play mat. I think he finds new things every day to play with and touch!

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