Thursday, May 27, 2010

Big Trucks and Moo Cows

This boy is definately not lacking in the energy department. He LOVES to play with all his cars and trucks. He really is such a boy. He makes sound effects for EVERYTHING, just like his daddy. Vrooom....Vroom. He is just so cute! Every morning when I take Jeremy to work we pass a company that has a bunch of big rigs in front.....then about 2 miles past there is a huge dairy with tons of cows. This is the highlight of his morning. He gets so excited when we come up to the "big trucks" and proceeds to "moo" the rest of the way at the cows. It really is the cutest thing.

We have started to get things ready for Josie's arrival! (Yes we have decided on the name Josie) We ended up deciding to get Jr. a toddler bed and she will be in his crib, EVENTUALLY. I know she will be in our room in the bassinet for awhile so we will see when Jr is ready to move to his "big boy" bed. Which I think, will come sooner than later. I am very curious to see how Jr is going to react to his new little sister. It is definately all about "mommy" right now. Which I try REALLY HARD to counteract that but it is always just me and him so I guess it is inevitable. I am sure it will be an adjustment but I know he will love her! It is so cute when he sees a baby now, he goes up and just stares in awe.

I included a video of Jr dancing to Barney. He LOVES to dance around to the music. That is why his daddy calls him "Boogie Man"

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