Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Jr turns 2!!!

So my baby turned 2 on Sunday!!! I really cannot believe 2 years have already gone by. This kid is a nut! He is all over the place ALL of the time. He LOVES all of his trucks and tractors. Here are jsut a few random things that make me adore this boy even more each day.

-Every time he walks out of the room, he turns around to me and says "bye mom!"

-Every time he walks into a room he will run up to you and roar like a monster

-Whenever we are in the car, he holds his sisters hand

-He say "Bless" anytime someone sneezes....he also says this when he is trying to get by you. lol

-Whenever I walk into a room he yells "mom" and runs up to hug me. (Yes this one is my favorite!)

I could go on and on about all of the things he does. He is pure entertainment and love all day long! He is so great and we love him more than words!!!!
Happy Birthday Boogie Man!

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