Monday, February 21, 2011

Working Mama

So last week I went back to work....this is a big thing for me! I have been home with my kids for the last 2 years! Basically since Jr was born. I have loved every minute of it. Now that Sophia is 7 months, I thought it was about time. So far, it is going absolutely great! I found a girl to watch the kids at my house 3 days a week and then they get some grandma time for the other 2 days. I think the kids are doing great with it. I wasn't so worried about Jr, since they are at my house I knew he would be fine with all "his" stuff. I was a little worried about Sophia, just because she has been with mama since she was born. But she is doing surprisingly well. By the afternoon she is usually done and a bit crabby but I know she will get better as time goes on. It is great too because I work, literally, 4 minutes from home. So I am still "around" if needed.

But I think it will be a great experience for everyone. It is great for me to get out and be an "adult" again. I definitely need that. I need to get a schedule down for the evenings though.....if only I could pay the babysitter to make dinner too?! My poor husband has had to deal with leftovers and take out the last week. I am just so exhausted when I get home. I feel like I never stop (which I don't basically. lol) But that is okay, I know it will take me a couple weeks to get used to. And in the meantime, Jr is ecstatic he now has two little kids to play with every day!

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