Thursday, September 25, 2008

An "exciting" day!

This is me leaving after being at the hospital for hours! :-)

So I had a bit of an exciting day yesterday........
My stomach muscles have been really sore the last couple of days and then just about 2 days ago I started having a little bit of cramping. Nothing really painful but of course not the usual. So I dealt with it for awhile until my husband got tire dof hearing my complain and told me "WELL CALL THE DOCTOR!" So I dropped him off at work and called Kaiser. They proceeded to ask me a million questions and then decided it would be best for me to come in and them to monitor me for a bit. So I drove right past work and straight there.
They hooked me up to the monitor to listen to the baby and see hwat was going on. As soon as she hooked me up she said "oh are having a contraction". Hmmmmmm.....okay. Interesting. So they gave me a pill to stop the contractions. Which gave me a horrible headache but I guess I have to pick my battles right.
I must say thought, it was very cool to sit there and listen to the baby move while I was hooked up to the monitor! He moves a lot more than I actually feel all the time. So they then sent me home and told me to come back if I have any more pain. And they will probably give me another pill. I am not dialating at that is a good thing.
We will just wait and see how long he will wait!!! He better wait a couple more weeks atleast! :-)

On another baby showers are this weekend! My boss is throwing me one at work tomorrow. That should be fun!
Then Saturday my wonderful friend, Felicia is throwing me one for friends and family! I can't wait to see everyone. It is funny how we all get so busy with our lives. Even though we live in the same town we don't see each other for months and months....until something big happens. Oh well...I won't complain. I have great friends and family and can't wait to see all of them!!!

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Patti Miller said...

Hang in there kiddo, he is anxious to see his parents! I wish I could be at your shower, how much fun would that be? Keep him cookin in the oven. take care!