Monday, September 15, 2008

San Francsico

Awww......we love each other!!!!

Our fabulous breakfast. Didn't even have to get out of bed....that is my kind of meal.

View from the hotel room.....and this building had the coolest garden on the roof. This is why I love the city.

My big ol' preggo belly!

Isn't she cute!

So Mom and I went to San Francisco for a quick visit this weekend. It was so nice to see my brother, Curtis and Michael too! Since they are so fabulous, they put us up in the Renaissance Hotel on the top of Nob Hill for the night! It was so nice and seriously had the softest pillows I have ever seen before. We did some shopping for the baby and I FINALLY feel like I am actually accomplishing things and getting things done...which is a good thing.
Time has gone by so quick and it seems at the end of the day by the time me and Jeremy get home we are both so exhausted to do much of anything. Slowly but surely things are definately coming together. My wonderful husband has been doing so much around the house to get everything together!!!! He definately takes care of me!
Well there are of course a million things going on but for now this is all.....until next time!

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