Sunday, December 21, 2008

Update on Jr.

Just quick update on Jr. They have been giving him antibiotics for the last 4 days and they seem to be making him feel quite a bit better. He has not had a fever in a day, which is good! Before it would go up and down throughout the day. So hopefully it stays down. And he is definately more content now, we can just tell he is feeling much better. It is crazy to think how horrible he must have felt before when he was so fussy...because he is now so content and peaceful. So now we just need to get through the next couple weeks and get all of these antibiotics in him and then we will be able to bring him home. Yeah, can't wait!!!! I have been staying there 24/7 with him up until tonight. It is definately hard to leave him at all. But tonight we decided it was best for me to come home and actually sleep for the night in my bed....and not on the chair in his room. :-)

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Jeppsen Family said...

I hope things continue to get better. It is so hard to go home at night without your baby. Maylee was at the hospital for 7 weeks before we could take her home. You can do it. Take lots of pictures and put them up around your house. That helped me to feel like she was close to me.