Thursday, January 1, 2009

A New Year.....

Well we are beginning the new year with our baby STILL in the hospital! BUT there is light at the end of the tunnel! He is doing great! Gaining weight like crazy. His expected discharge date is Wednesday, Jan 7th! So we are on the downward slope now! YEAH! I cannot wait for us to go home and get on with life! We just have to get through the next week so he can have all of his antibiotics to make sure he is completely healthy again. He is completely spoiled at the hospital! All of the nurses adore him. He definately has a set of lungs on him, probably gets that from me ;-) He can be dead asleep and I think, "okay I can sneak away to cafeteria and eat something real quick before he even wakes up!". OH NO! Not going to happen......literally as soon as I walk around the corner he is screaming. Me, I would let him cry...I mean it's good for him, right? :-) Oh no, not the nurses. Usually when I come back from being gone, any length of time, his bed is empty. He is either in one of the nurse's arms fast asleep or bundled up in his swing at the nurses station! lol. I tell them they are definately making my life harder for when we get home. oh well, we will have fun getting him on a schedule when we get home! Here are a few pics of him in the hospital. Oh and yes, he is a chunker. As of yesterday when they weighed him he weighed 11bs 10 oz!!!!! Atleast we know he is eating well and definately feeling better :-)

As soon as he starts falling asleep, he always smiles big! Atleast we know he is having good dreams :-)

Wow, I just noticed the BLACK circles under my eyes! Well that's what happens from sleeping in the hospital, in a chair, and getting about 2 hours of sleep at night!

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