Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Our "little" man!

So......I have been trying to post a blog for the last 3 weeks. Something always seems to come up. That is basically the story of my life now a days. A whirlwind of chaos! :-) I have started back to work and I will admit, it is HARD! I am trying my hardest to adjust. Thank God I have my mom and Jeremy's mom to both watch Jr during the day. That has helped a lot. He sure loves his grandmas. He is growing so much and developing quite the personality. He will defaintely tell you when he is not happy.....or bored. He is quite the smiley baby. But.....he knows when you are taking pictures! He will be laughing and smiling and as soon as I get the camera or phone and he gets serious as can be. He is to the point now where he loves to sit up and gets quite annoyed when he is laying down for too long. Before long he will be doing it by himself. Can't wait for that.

Oh how he loves his mobile. He will lay there and talk and smile for the longest time!

Hanging out with his cousins.......Jordan and Anycia I will say one thing.....Jr is the perfect name for him! He is definately his daddy's boy!

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Ashlie said...

Hey I am so glad you sent this blog I am so new to it all. Your lil Man is adorable he is a lil chunko..:)...wish I could hold him. I have tried to get a hold of you a couple times but i figure you pretty busy with the hole mommy thing. I know it was hard for the first 2 months for me, I was just trying to get a a routine. Anyways I would love to talk with you I miss you tons!!
Love you
Ashlie & Iris