Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sleep? I have heard of that once or twice

You know, I have decided it is a rough life to be a baby....I mean, you wake up, get fed, people hold you, people clean your butt for you. My kid has got it hard! :-) Yeah right! Jr was spoiled from the moment he was born, before that even. And he is a great baby. But just here lately he is having some issues with sleeping. As daddy would say, "You are just like your mother! Afraid you are going to miss something". Which makes me laugh because it is totally true. He will fall fast asleep and minutes later his eyes are WIDE open and he is looking all around. He is does this over and over again. He will fight it until he can't take it anymore. Poor guy just won't give up. He also has this thing where he will sleep for the most part until about 3am and then he is wide awake and fussy! Not good for mom who has to get up for work at 5:30. So I am usually up from 3am on, it is fabulous. But we are working on it and he is getting better. It is just going to take a few sleepless nights until he gets it down. I can deal with that. But seriously, he is the happiest baby. And he sure likes his diaper to be clean because every time you put him on that chaging table he is all smiles and giggles.

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