Friday, September 17, 2010

The story

So as a lot of you know, the last couple weeks of the pregnancy I was DONE! I will admit, I am really not one of those people who love being pregnant. Yes, it is incredible to feel the baby move and kick inside you......but I miss sleeping on my stomach, I am not one for pain, and I can DEFINATELY live without the HORRIBLE PAINFUL heartburn I seem to have every pregnancy! So I was done by the end nad Little Miss was set on making me wait until she was dare she right!? :-)

My due date came and went...I was having pretty strong contractions but they would come and go. The morning of the 9th (1 day after the due date) they definately got stronger. I knew I wasn't in active labor right then but I wanted her out!!! So we went to the hospital and I was only to a 3! But luckily my doctor is AMAZING and told them to admit me and he would start the Pitocin! YES! Not......they started the Pit. at 10:30 in the AM and by 9:00pm, nothing! So, my doctor broke my water about 10:30 and from there it went quick! They checked me about 12:30 and said I was only a 5........but then all of a sudden I had to push! So I did and her head was coming out. My dear husband and mother were in the hallway yelling for a dr. But anyways, basically the nurse delivered her and everything was perfect!!!!!

She weighed 8 pounds and 3 ounces and was 20 inches long. Although people think that is a big baby, we think she is completely TINY compared to what her 10 pound brother was. :-)

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Jill said...

what a precious angel! congrats. i'm excited you are playing my little game too ;) can't wait to see what you make. chat with ya later!!