Monday, February 28, 2011

Brrrr....It's Cold Outside

This weekend we decided to head up to the mountains and take the kids to the snow. We met up with Jeremy's brother and family and headed up. It was quite chilly and I knew the kids wouldn't last long. Then we get up there and I realize I forgot one key thing....Jr's coat! I felt so bad.....I bundled him up in layers of shirts and sweatshirts and gave it a try.
This is where it turned bad.....he got his hands wet. (Just a side note on Jr's hands....he is such a boy and loves to get dirty and play outside. But AS SOON as his hands are dirty or anything is on them, he wants them wiped off) Well his hands were ice cold and he was not having it.

Which lead to the saddest face EVER! And lots of tears.
He was perfectly happy sitting in the Tahoe with the heater on watching everyone else play in that horrible, cold, wet stuff :-)

Then we have Sophia...she is totally mellow all the time. As long as she has a clean diaper and a full belly she is happy. She went outside for a bit with daddy and didn't seem to mind the snow falling on her little cute pink head.
She did keep her brother company most of the time though in the truck.
Cam had a blast with his cousins sledding down the hill and playing in the snow.
Me and the hubs.
Isn't the snow absolutely beautiful!
Although, I love the snow. I think it so pretty and I love how quiet it is. But I will admit, I love it most from my car. With the heater on. And I think my kids probably feel the same way.

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