Monday, February 28, 2011


We all know Jr has the best hair ever. I mean, seriously. Have you seen his curls!

We decided to take him to get his haircut. Now, I tried to take him a couple weeks ago to the lady that does my hair. He would not have it, within minutes he was a complete mess and a puddle of tears. So I found this awesome place called Cool Cuts for Kids in Fresno. This place is amazing! Every station has it's own TV and each kid gets to pick out which movie they can watch. And of course, he got to drive his own taxi the whole time.
And there were plenty of bribes during the haircut as well. Sad but true. I had to do what I had to do! The curls are staying but we had to get his bangs out of his face.

So with his hot wheels and monster truck he was good.
Then we moved on to bubbles.
Overall, he loved it! And looks cuter than ever now that we can see his eyes again! And the curls are staying...for now.

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YosemiteChris said...

I love this picture!He looks so proud of himself. Maybe time for another trip there? :)